“We cannot approach the world with a completely open mind, because we weren’t born yesterday. And a completely open mind would in any event be completely empty mind, which can learn nothing at all. We cannot begin everywhere or with everything. We must begin somewhere with something. We proceed from where we find ourselves and on the basis of what we believe to be true, important, useful, or enlightening.” - Paul Heynes


10% Happier

Growing up with Buddhist parents and not-into-religion-at-all brothers, I feel blessed. My parents never force any of us to follow Buddhism or to believe in what they do. They teach us what is right morally, but we get to choose our own path regarding religion. I guess we all chose nothing. I don’t see myself as a huge Buddhist person but what I like about Buddhism is that it’s more like a philosophy that you can adopt. No one forces you to believe any of it, and no one forces you to follow their belief, just like my mom. So I’ve grown up having the religious freedom, I guess.

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A Rather Lovely Thing

Inspiration of the Day- “A Rather Lovely Thing” is an animation by Cesar Martinez which tells story of a boy’s grief after his girlfriend passed away. I love Martinez’s amazing artwork and his touching plot. The theme music is also a beautiful and melodious song by I Monster called “Heaven.” What a lovely animation about love and adventure into space!


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East Meets West

In today’s globalization, the cultural difference between Western and Eastern mentality is no doubt a fascinating topic that is brought up quite frequently. A good understanding and an opened mind toward these differences will do no harm but help every one of us in our daily interactions with others. Below is an amazing minimalist infographic by visual designer Yang Liu that portraits complex concept through clever simplicity.


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